Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chicken soup and other delights

My house cleaner bought me a giant bowl of her chicken soup which I love. I think I'm going to divide it into 3 portions and freeze two for chicken soup emergencies. Chicken soup is one of those things like gazpacho. Not at all difficult to make. But, when I make it, it's never ever as good as when someone else does. And you can't buy the good stuff. You just have to wait until someone makes it for you.

My Walmart trip was very successful. I got 4 different fabrics - all stretch and all cheap to try out for pants. Plus several different waist elastics. And, Diet Dr. Pepper was on sale!

And, the guy started bagging my stuff before I could give him my reusable bags so I didn't. Seattle no longer has any of those very handy cheap plastic bags. Walmarts around here are not in the Seattle city limits. So bags galore. I've weaned myself off of them for the most part but there are times where nothing is any better so now, I have a small stash. It feels luxurious. I was glad to get in the building and up to my unit with them before anyone saw me. They are known around Seattle as Bags Of Shame.

Amazon came out with a fancy, new, better, Kindle today and I did not buy one. Shocking to me, too.

Typing is what's aggravating my right forearm. Weird. I think I need to change the height of this table. Will do. Done. That's better.
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