Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The new pool...

Coming back from swimming this morning, I ran into Tija in the elevator. (Tija owns the gym across the street.) She's how I got even the minimal info I have on the gym/pool going into the new building 2 blocks down. This morning she said she is working on getting us a tour of the new place before it opens! I'd love that.

They still have lots of work to do on both buildings. There's a hotel and an office building. They are connected at the ground and about mid way up. I think the pool/gym is in the office building but it's being run/managed by the hotel GM so I'm not sure. I found a webcam that shows the entrances .

They have a lot of work to do. I'm pretty sure that blue is under skinning so they need to cover it up. BUT they are also making fast progress. My favorite restaurant is going into the ground floor of the hotel (the one nearer the bottom of the picture). Between the restaurant and the pool, I'm really into these buildings getting finished and open!

The house cleaner comes today. In a couple of hours. I'm ready. My plan is to get in the car and go see if I can find some black knit fabric for pants. By the time I get home, the house should be clean and mine again.

I did something to my forearm yesterday. It feels like I pulled a muscle but what the hell could I have been doing to do that? It hurt when I was swimming this morning. On the up side, it feels like it will heal fine. I need my hands and arms for sewing, knitting and working the remote.

It's National Coming Out Day. I'm still not gay but I'm also not dead yet. So, if that toaster oven deal is still on...
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