Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Monday

After getting the bulk of what I wanted to do today done, I watched Boston lose their game and chances at any more play this year. It was sad. Then I took a walk up the street and hit my fitness tracker's goal. So yeah.

I decided that I hate all my pants. The ones that stay up on their own (i.e. aren't all stretched out) are shrunk so that it looks like I grew 4 inches since I bought them. Today I'm wearing a stretched out pair. I cannot put my phone in my pocket or they will fall to the ground.

So... sew. Time to see if making pants is worthwhile. If I can get a pattern so that I can just whip them out whenever, it won't be that much cheaper but it would be heaven to have pants I can wear and that look fine every single day. I found a pattern for what I want online. I have some jersey sheets from Goodwill left that are not decent enough to make clothes I'd wear out of the house. So this afternoon, I printed off the pattern and taped it all together. Tomorrow I'll cut out the fabric, sew it up and see if this is doable. I'm hopeful.

While I was taping the pattern together, I watched the Nationals get Cubbed. But, at least they are still in the running. They Yankees are ahead in their game and I'm not pleased about that. One thing that occurred to me over the past couple of days of baseball is that if the Mariners ever do make it past one round of post season, I will be very annoyed by the broadcast. The national announcers really suck. They utter something they think is brilliant and then they just keep repeating it over and over again until, finally, blessedly, there is a commercial. I would not want to hear what they had to say about my players. So, our not getting to post season is a blessing.

Sandy, the Home Owners Association president, asked me to meet with the police tomorrow. They are coming, she said, to talk to us about the homeless and the security of our doors on the alley. Other than that I am clueless. The building manager will be there so I won't be solo and clueless. Whatever. I'm cool with cops. I think.

Time now to get cool with dinner. I'm starving.
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