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I made a new friend at the gym this morning. We were waiting for the doors to open and he introduced himself - Pragneesh (zero clues if I'm spelling that correctly). The minute he said his name, I thought oh fuck, I am not going to remember it. But I worked on it. Hard. I spent most of my swim embedding the name into my brain and I think it worked. Pragneesh. He does not know how to swim but is clearly devoted to other gym things. And drives a really nice, slick looking sports car that kind of matches him. Pragneesh. See? I think I've got it.

I think today will be pretty much all sewing. I have, once again, allowed projects to overlap. I really really much prefer to start one and finish it completely before I start the next but, every once in awhile, I lose control. Today is Fix That day. Plus Clean Up Sewing Room day.

The sewing room, like the rest of the house, gets trashy if I don't stay on top of it. It's easy not to since it's only me. Except me matters. I hate the clutter, I hate the trashy. So, I need to stay on top of it. Also as much as I love cool weather, I hate having sweaters and wraps and lap blankets lying all around the house and hate putting them away and hate having to dig them out again when I want them. It's a constant battle.

These are issues that would have to get way worse to qualify as first world problems. I get that. And still, I bitch.

It always amuses me in a very snotty way when I hear people bitch about Amazon's over packaging (or anyone's overpackaging for that matter). It is far cheaper for Amazon to set a one size fits most, no decisions necessary, just do it policy than for them to pay for their packers to stop and consider and think about each and every package and how to minimize the packing. Far cheaper. And in some cases overpackaging makes more sense... think air padding like in potato chips.

But, even I had to snort when I got my Amazon delivery today. It's a microfiber towel which is clear since you could see through the plastic wrap. It was in an Amazon box and, the packer whose paygrade does not include decisions, included a strip of air pack bags so that the towel would not get jostled in its journey.

I'm always surprised by how soon in the Fall, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. Also amused by their celebration of post Our Thanksgiving's Black Friday in November. Also this weekend was my annual reminder that, once again, I did not get to the big balloon races in New Mexico. Maybe next year. Likely not.

Time to get to work.
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