Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


OOps. I forgot that the viaduct was closed. The viaduct is my road for the first half of my trip to the pool. Getting there without it turned out to be red light after red light. And it seemed to take forever. But, turns out the gym was still 2 mins from opening when I got there. No harm. It was quite the treat to get back into the crystal clear pool with the wide lanes. It was just a really good swim. And the southbound viaduct was open already so score.

I came home and had a little mini cheese quiche that I picked up at the grocery yesterday. I assumed it was going to be meh at best but it turned out to be delicious. However, while eating it, I remembered that I was going to try out a new brunch place this morning. Oh well... next week.

I already spent my brunch money today anyway ordering yarn for a new sweater. I'm going to try to crochet a sweater. I found a pattern that looks nice and is designed to be 'your first sweater in crochet.' Challenge accepted.

A look ahead to this week shows precious little action. The house cleaner comes on Wednesday so I'll go out and do something. Probably Goodwill + an errand or two. Otherwise, the calendar is clear which is lovely.

YouTube is getting some interesting original content. There's a new knitting show that has exceedingly high production values and then, yesterday I saw an ad on the baseball playoffs for what looks like a fun cop show coming up soon on YouTube. The problem is, I am YouTube illiterate. I can never find anything. Like the new cop show. I found it, originally because I had the name from the ad. I marked it Subscribe. But just now I went in to get the link and I can't find it at all. Not good.

Time to get to work. I have another new pattern to piece together.
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