Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday - the rest

The West Seattle LA Fitness has gotten even groddier in the two weeks since I was last there. The washers are still not fixed but at least they have towels obviously in from the laundry as the lobby was filled with gynormous (like 8 feet high) laundry carts. The locker room was dirty and smelly but - yahoo - the TV sound is broken!! - so they were, at least, quiet. The pool water was gross as ever. Split pea soup. I spent the hour debating whether I was being a princess and should just be grateful to have a pool OR if it was just too disgusting to swim in.

To be honest, if it weren't for my fitness tracker, I'd probably just skip the Saturday swim. But, I hate to break my streak. And that's ridiculous. So probably, next Saturday, I'll plan some other way to get at least some exercise. The streak can just suffer until the new pool opens. Swimming in that soup just is not fun.

I did go to Arthur's for brunch and it was nice.

I finished off the shirt that was my latest new pattern and I love it. It's a soft, comfy, warm shirt and it's cute. I made a fair number of changes to the pattern and, when done, tweaked it some more for next time.

I also found a new place to hang my patterns. They were taking over the closet. I got a tension bar so that I could hang them in the space between the wall and the wardrobe in the sewing room. Much better.

I just saw the Mariners logo in a TV commercial for MLB post season play. Cruel.

And, yes, I'm, once again not not watching. The Nationals just tied it up in the 8th. Sweet.

I have a potato baking in the oven. And an evening of knitting and TV on the calendar.
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