Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

From Snooty Central

And with lightening speed the speed of a dying snail, my car light is, hopefully, getting fixed. I got here at 6:45. Their 7 am opening time is actually 7:05. Then it took an hour to find out that some emissions thing is broken and will cost an hour and a half plus $500 to fix. Lucky me! At least they have wifi. It's following the same pace as the service but at least they have it. The only decently comfortable chairs are in front of the too loud TV but, happily, My ears are plugged up with earbuds.

Also on the up side, I didn't have anything in particular planned for today. Lots of ways this could be worse. And they will give the car a good cleaning inside and out.

But, seriously, October is turning out to be expensive. I think my financial advisor and I are going to have to have a little chat about turning some of those investments into hard, cold, cash.

Then I can start worrying about living too long. I'll be 70 years old in 18 months. Half the time I think Holy, Crap, I can't believe I am so old. Then I'll read about someone dying at the age of somewhere in the 60s and immediately think, awww so young,

When I was 64, my financial advisor asked me how long I expected to live and I told him 7 years. We were talking about when to start collecting social security. I think I may have undershot. And I think it really doesn't matter. Yet.

Eons ago - like in the 70's, I used to watch the Today's Show every morning while I got ready to go to work. It was a totally exceptional way to get the news. This was after the Dave Garroway and the chimpanzee and before they dumped Jane Pauley. Hearing it via the muffledness of the earbuds, it's hard to imagine a more irratating way to start the day. Turing on some music now... That's better.

I picked "Contemporary Musical Hits" and it's quite pleasant. I should listen to music more often. I mean music that is different from the music I own. This new swim music player that I ordered (and should be here in a couple of weeks) seems to think that's going to be possible... to load up music from the service of my choice (without having to purchase it) to play while I'm swimming. I can't quite see how it's going to work, but I'd sure be happy if it did.

colesdragon just gave me the greatest idea. I always get a case for my phone - the thinnest, clear case I can find. Then I buy a skin, usually with a photograph I provide. Here's what's on their now.

But, changing skins is non trivial. Now, however, I have a cool color laser printer. I can make a template and create a new 'skin' any time I want. Plus I can do that now while I'm waiting for the phone. Cool!

The car should be ready by now which probably means only another hour. Sigh,
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