Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If it's not one warning light, it's another...

My tire light came on this morning on the way home from the pool. I hit the reset button which sometimes makes the light go away and, if it does, I can pretty much guess whatever the problem is, it can wait for a fix. I'll go this weekend when I'm near the good tire place. They'll pump air in and all will be fine.

The light went out. Sweet.

Then I went out to run errands. I was a half block from home when the check engine light went on. FUCK. I considered the situation and figured I might as well go on to the Mercedes place so I did. My Automotic thing (diagnosis widget+phone app) told me it's an air valve that's stuck open.

One of the things I hate about the Mercedes place is that when you are an old woman in a Smart car, you are clearly NOT their preferred customer. I pulled in and was ignored for a while until a very board platinum 30 something in painted on jeans sashayed over.

Blondie: Have you been helped? What do you need?
Me: The check engine light has come on and the instructions say to come here immediately.
Blondie: Show me which light.
(I showed her my phone that had a picture of the light and the error message.)
Blondie: Show me in the car. I have to see the dashboard. (her tone indicated she had swallowed the words 'you stupid old woman')

I turned on the car and pointed to the light.

Blondie: The oil light?
Me: No, the check engine light.
Blondie: The temperature light?
Me: No, (still pointing) the check engine light.
Blondie: Who usually services your car?
Me: John
Blondie: Well, why don't you go in and tell him.

Me: Why don't you eat shit and die. (Yeah, I did not say that out loud.)

John asked me if the car was handling differently. Nope. He said he might be able to diagnose it later this afternoon but not fix it. He couldn't get to it until Thursday or Friday - did I want to bring it back? He allowed as how as long as it felt the same when driving, it would be fine to drive and he was not at all hesitant. So I picked Thursday morning. 7 am. I like him, but I sure do hate his dealership.

My test shirt that I finished this morning came out really nicely. This new pattern is a really nice one. So I immediately cut out another one but this time out of some really nice fabric. I got it about half done. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also Google announce day. I'm looking for a new phone and a new chromebook. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully. Tomorrow 9 am. I'm ready.

My errands took me by the great poke place I found last week. So I went in. They remembered me! And I got a bowl to go. Their bowls are huge. $16 but huge. Two meals huge. So dinner is waiting for me in the fridge. nice.
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