Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The new swim crew

At my new pool, it appears there are four of us who are the real regulars.

There is tiny old Asian guy. He sticks to the wall on the far side and is slower than I am (which is saying something) but other wise swims like me, without stopping. He goes about 50 minutes.

Then there is middle aged white guy who swims a variety of strokes with breaks - normal lap work. He goes 30 minutes.

And young, fit, yellow capped guy who is quite friendly and an excellent, serious swimmer. He normally gets there a bit after I do and is always still going when I get out.

Others come and go. Today I shared a lane with a guy I will call Splashy. He was all over our lane and made me pay attention but he was only at it for about 20 minutes so no biggie.

It's a nice crew and kind of fun to have swim companions - especially familiar ones whose routine I now know. The extra mileage two and from is so far still worth the better environment.

Last night's Home Owners Association meeting was more efficient than usual. I'm not looking forward to the regime change next year. As much as I appreciate this board and I do, I think they made a big booboo with our insurance and I think that booboo is going to raise the dues substantially - like maybe as much as 18%. Even with that, I do think they have done a stellar job of managing crises and keeping the peace. Could be much worse. (And I could be wrong about the decision. I don't think they should have used our insurance when and how they did but maybe I'm wrong.)

So I'll plan for the increase (raising my dues to $8500 a year) and hope they find a way around it. I'm grateful that I can afford it.

Yesterday I finished a top and started another. The one I finished is so soft and cuddly. I'm wearing it now. It's a print of lions and monkeys and elephants and other animals which I realized way after the fact are all upside down. I gotta start paying attention when I cut stuff out.

The one I started is a cool new pattern. I got it finished enough to put it onto the dress form and tweak. It's going to be good, I think. I made it out of Goodwill sheets. If I love it like I think I will, I'll make it out of good stuff.

I do have some errands to run today. But, I think I'll sew a little first while the traffic dies down.
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