Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My route to the pool takes me over the viaduct which is an elevated highway along the waterfront. It's old. And when crowded, if someone so much as looks at their brake pedal, a traffic jam ensues. When I came home this morning in the southbound lanes, I noticed that the northbound lanes were at a standstill. 6:30 am. A wreck in the middle of it. It is now nearly 8:30 and Twitter reports they traffic has not moved much. I-5, the alternate route, has a major car fire on it. So people are trapped in their cars with no or cold coffee listening to the morning news about a concert full of people dead or wounded in Las Vegas. That's one fucked up Monday morning.

I've been retired now for 5 years. (Kind of hard to wrap my head around that.) For 8 years before that I worked from home. And for 5 years before that, I worked in offices less than a full city block from this house. So, it's been 18 years since I traveled on wheels to an office and 20 years since I drove. And, yet, I can still feel that pain of a commute. It lingers. And I do not miss it.

Plus, if the wreck had been in the southbound lanes this morning, I could still be sitting there. I kid myself that my getting home by 6:30, makes me immune to traffic.

Today looks to be a quiet day. I have a shirt to finish and another one ready to cut out. The Home Owners Association meeting is this evening. I have some errands to run but one can't be done until tomorrow so I think I'll leave them all until then.

I did get a bear finished yesterday.

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