Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's swim was glorious. I had a half lane to myself for half the time and a full lane the rest. The water was clear and cool and the pool was peaceful and quiet. Perfection. I cannot swim at this pool on Saturdays. They have an aqua fit class. I thought that yesterday's pool would work for Saturdays but no. So maybe I'll just go back to stinky gym with disgusting pool on Saturdays. It will, at least, strengthen my appreciation of good pool.

I think my ears are getting infected again. The left one is acting up this time. It was the right one last time. My current plan is to ignore it in hopes it will give up and get back to normal. I'm thinking this might not be a solid plan but it's the one I'm going with right now.

Last night, I dreamed it was freezing. I woke up and realized I was actually cold. Delightful! Time for the really good comforter. It's on the bed now ready for tonight.

The last baseball game of the season is today. In a first time deal, every single major league baseball game will start at exactly the same time. Kind of weird and kinky. If you are on the west coast, that time is 12:07.

This week is paycheck week which is always fun. My 3 sources of income all chip in. Also this week is Google product announce week. So I will be holding on to that income for mere minutes before I turn a chunk of it over to Google. Oh well. I did get word today that the Kickstarter product I backed many many months ago is finally going to be here in a couple of weeks. It's a different kind of swim music player. I'm a little confused about how it will work exactly but it will not require iTunes so already it's my favorite.

I think before the game starts and before I get started on any project, I'll take a little walk down the street and check out those new fabrics that the sewing shop got in... maybe I'll hate them all.

Edited after walk... And I saved a bundle. There are two fabric shops I like and follow on Instagram and I can never remember the name of either. Drygoods Design is 2 blocks from here. District Fabrics is a car ride away (Fremont). Turns out that Distric Fabrics is the one who got the knits in. So... I spent $0 and got a nice little walk in.
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