Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Turns out the Meadowbrook pool is a lot farther than I remember it. And a whole lot more crowded. I spent about an hour and 20 minutes swimming laps but 20 minutes of that was getting out of the way or waiting for people to get out of the way. Not that good, really.

I had decided not to stay for the water aerobics class when I heard my name. It was Montrel Jackson calling from the pool deck. Montrel was my very first aqua aerobics instructor and the very best I ever had. I last saw him, probably, when I last swam in that pool which was at least 3 years ago. I took my first class from him in about 2009 ish. It was so fun to see him again and so flattering to have him not only remember me but even remember my name! So I had to stay for the class or at least some of it.

Aqua aerobics is a strenuous as you make it. With Montrel leading, it's a workout. Plus, he is very very easy on the eyes and so nice and very fit and runs a tight class. About 3/4ths the way through the class, my calf started to cramp up and I was just flat out tired so I stopped but it was fun and it blew up my fitness tracker!

Then I went and got some breakfast and stopped at the grocery store and now I'm home.

I got my email from the mail - my Informed Delivery Daily Digest. It sends me scans of the envelope sized mail being delivered by USPS today. In today's digest is an envelope from Humana (insurance) and Polyclinic (my doctor's office).

The mail hasn't come yet and I'm worried. Humana is probably nothing. They produce a buttload of communications that is 99% useless and irrelevant and doesn't matter. (It's not too curious why insurance companies have issues.)

But, Polyclinic mail always scares me. I'm always afraid it will be a letter saying my Dr. has left the practice. I hope I'm wrong again today.

Oh crap oh damn. The oh so nice fabric store in the neighborhood just posed an instagram photo of some delicious looking knit fabrics they just got in. I have not bought a bunch of fabric from them because their knits are mostly very boring. And I don't have a lot of use for woven fabrics. But now they may well have played right into my hands (er, credit card) with this new shipment of fabrics.

Looks like a trot up the street is in order. Maybe I can hold off until tomorrow. Maybe.
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