Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Learnin' new stuff

Today I made a shirt that went right into the Goodwill bin but was a huge success.

I tried out a new pattern which I tweaked with measurements and my dress form. Successfully. It fits nicely! And I made my first ever shirt placket and it looks nice. I'm thinking about making a knit shirt that snaps down the front (instead over just over the head. I finally figured out a Henley-is design might work. Just extend the placket all the way to the hem. I think it will fine.


I didn't totally finish it (didn't hem it or finish off the sleeve ends) because the fabric really isn't wearable. It's another sheet but a really thin one. But, that's why I use those jersey sheets - to work out patterns and give me confidence for cutting into the good stuff.

Next up - good stuff.

I also finished off another doll and I think she's hot.


It's the last baseball weekend. I'll sure miss it but the first Spring Training game is in March and pretty soon I'll be bitching about how hot is is getting to be outside.
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