Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Two things at one time... fail

This morning, instead of music, I listened to an audio book while I did my swim. It was not terribly engaging but I paid attention... to the book, not the swimming and boy did it show. My tracking tracks yardage and laps but only when I'm done and out of the pool and can sync with my phone. I thought I was maybe not on top of it this morning but turns out I was a swimming slug! That's it. No more book. I wasn't enjoying it that much anyway. Back to music. Music makes my arms and legs move.

Tomorrow back to music. And it will be in a deepend chlorine pool. Different!

But, now, sometime today, I need to get out and walk or do something to make up for the points I didn't get in the pool. It's supposed to be rainy and chilly today so very walkable. Maybe I'll go up and try that new burger place for lunch.

If it weren't for AARP and Bed Bath and Beyond, my little mailbox would be full of dustbunnies. Nearly all other junk mail people have given up on my except these two. Godbless 'em.

I've recorded The Ellen Show for as long as it has been one and mostly enjoyed it. A couple of years ago, however, it started getting a little too formulaic for me and I noticed I was fast forwarding through a fair bit. But, this year, they have really jumped the shark. Every show is now a compilation of bits from old shows. They must have hired a hell of a video editor and feel like they need to put him to work. Oh well. I'm saving a lot of time since I'm only watching 5 mins here and there of about every 3rd show.

Also, like the rest of the world, I was enchanted last year by This is Us. But, episode one of this year has me worried. Starting mid way last year, every episode hinted at how Jack died. And then the next one would explain how nope, not that way and then give another possibility. And this year we're starting with the same schtick. Let's see something new, people. Or you will lose me. I'm no longer cowed by lack of things to watch on TV. I've got plenty and know where there is more.

I have a new sewing thing to noodle out this morning so I think I'll go back and get started.
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