Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


What a glorious swim I had today. I've been swimming so long in that green sludge that slipping into crystal clear water was heaven. And then a distraction. I could actually see the faces and swim suits of the other swimmers, under water! Wild. I figured Wednesday would be the most crowded of all the weekdays and it wasn't too bad at all.

There's an elderly Asian man that I remember from the last time I was there. He swims very slowly in the lane by the windows for 50 minutes. And there was a really fun swimmer to watch in the lane next to me. He did a handful of laps with no hands and a dolphin kick. He'd go about a quarter of the pool and then stop and try just going down - horizontally - to the floor. He managed it a couple of times. It was very cool to watch. When I finished my swim, he was at the side and asked me how long I swam and when I told him, he acted impressed. We might be looking at the first New Pool boyfriend. It's way too soon to tell but, he's making the right moves.

The showers have light bulbs of more than 10 watts and, shockingly, tile floors instead of wall to wall hair carpet. And there is no radio or TV blaring in the locker room. Yeah. Totally worth the extra time on the road. Totally.

I will need to find an alternative on Saturdays but I had already thought about going up to Meadowbrook (deep water chlorine pool) on Saturday so that may already be fixed. They have an aqua fit class at 9 at this pool and while I could get most of my swim in, it's not fun to be rushed. So I'll just go elsewhere on Saturdays. No biggie.

Today is house cleaner day. Also sometime between 10-11, a group is coming to look at my terrace leak and also go upstairs to check the leaker. Thankfully, the folks above me a really nice, responsive folks.

There's a baseball game this afternoon. But, honestly, it's kind of hard to stay invested. There was a great play last night that I'm glad I didn't miss but otherwise... I'm ready to start looking forward to Spring Training.

It's supposed to be hot today and then no more but I feel like I've said that every day for the past month! Bring me winter, please. Thanks.
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