Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New start

Yesterday was the last Mariner home game of the season. Tonight, the new fall shows start on TV. I always like the Monday swim the best because while I'm grateful the pool is open on weekends, weekend crowds are just weird. Glad to be back to the regulars. It just feels kind of renew-ally this morning. Like a new start.

I have new sewing projects ready to go this morning except one needs orange thread. I have every thread of every color under the rainbow... except orange. But, the sewing shop down the street, with their recent expansion, now has a nice selection of threads. So I'll wander down there later and grab some orange. Sure is handy to have them in the 'hood.

And a good, doable little outing. It's hard to break out of the Summer hibernation routine. I got used to staying home with my air conditioner. Now I have inertia. I need to invent reasons to get out and get moving. Today will be orange thread. Wednesday's covered because it's house cleaner day so I'll go do stuff while she's here. So I need to find Tuesday/Thursday/Friday adventures. I have lots to chose from. I just need to make sure I do it.

But,now, it's off to the sewing room.
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