Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

it all works out

I had a lovely swim, I did a little sewing, I did the laundry. I went to the game.

In July, my seat is in full sun until about 4:30 pm. In September, the sun has long past my seat and I get refreshing shade for the entire game. It was heaven. The cute girl who's such a great baseball buddy was there! And that made the game extra fun. The food was ok but my service was great. The game was a textbook example of why Cleveland is on top and the Mariners are on the bottom. But it was still fun and very good for a Last Game.


I got home and had just sat down when my phone beeped and it was the link from my brother to the wedding!! I thought it was at 6 my time but, turns out, it was 5.

The bride's niece had just had an appendectomy and was in the hospital so couldn't get to the wedding so she and I both got to watch via my brother's phone which worked out perfectly.

It was a sweet little wedding - exactly perfect. No drama, no fiddling, no pretense. Just perfect.

Now I think I'll fold up all that laundry and put it away and sit down to some TV and knitting. I have new Doc Martin that I haven't even seen yet!
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