Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's my weekly weekend wait for the pool to open. There's a nice, deepwater pool north of the city (maybe 20 minutes from here) that has a lap swim starting at 7 and then an aqua fit class after that. I used to do that every Saturday. I may go back next Saturday.

Today is a baseball game so I'll do the regular swim at 8 and then come on home. My new dress form is screaming at me to make it something. I found it a spot that I think will work without crowding everything too much. At least for now. And I have the bits cut out for a new test top. It's out of cheap Goodwill pieces so success is not critical. I'm going to make it to fit the dress form and then see how it does on me. I watched Project Runway last night and got more excited about how they were using their dress forms than the rest of the show. Ha!

I'll go to the game about 11. While I want to wallow in my very last game of the year, I hope it does not go too long. I want to get home and at the big screen to watch my nephews wedding which is at 6 pm my time. I think it will all work out. Last night's game was only a little over 2 hours and ended with a walk off home run. We played Cleveland who has had a hard time losing games recently and... we beat them breaking our 6 game losing streak! It was enormously satisfying for us. Must have been equally humiliating for them.

Coldplay is doing a concert tonight at the football stadium. That should generate some neighborhood action. I hope to be home from the ballgame before the action gears up. Happily, once I'm home from the pool, I have nowhere else I need to or want to go in the car. Whew. I love living here but it does take some planning on some days.
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