Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm sure not sending this back!!

I had no idea how fast I'd fall in love with me. Seriously.

The dress form arrived along with a package of pads.


The dress form instructions were really minimal but it went together pretty easily. And was not nearly as unstable and wobbly as the reviews in Amazon indicated it might be. And then I started stuffing it. I don't know about other fat people but I'm not nearly as big in my head as the measuring tape says I am. More stuffing. Moving the boobs down from perky was pretty hilarious. And finally it matched me.

I do not make tight fitting clothes because I do not wear tight fitting clothes and don't want to. But, if the sleeve seams do not sit exactly on top of my shoulders, it makes me nuts. And, of course, it needs to clear my generous hips and ass. And not be so wide in the middle that it looks like I'm ready to store sleeping bags.

And my new dress form does all of that PERFECTLY!!!

I grabbed a shirt I wore the other day that fits perfectly in the shoulders and everywhere else except it's about 2 inches shorter than I would like.


LOOK at how that fits! I'm so thrilled I cannot stand it. I don't even care that I have no place to keep it. It can stand in the middle of the sewing room. In all it's padded glory. I can play Project Runway now. For reals. Yahoooo!!!
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