Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yeah well that's what 30 years will do...

The last time I saw my nephew's mother was maybe 30 years ago. Donna. She was my brother's first wife. We were all so so so young.

He has this new (to us) software that makes video communications easier than I've ever seen it. He sends a link in a text, I click on it and bam, he's there with me in the corner faster than anything with no lag. It also has record capabilities so he thinks he's going to try and record the wedding with it. (I can watch and he can record all at the same time.) So he just did a test.

He started out in the front yard and showed me the yard and the house and then took me into the back yard where all of a sudden there were people - my nephews. Cool. But then he flashed on this really old woman who was waving and saying hi to me and it was Donna! I had no clue until she smiled. Wow. She was tall and big - not fat but filled out. Now she's sinewy and wrinkled.

Of course, she wasn't surprised by me. After all, it was her ex-husband holding my me up on his phone and telling everyone to say hi but I'll bet she was thinking... holy crap, she's really put on a pound or two hundred. And when did she get so old???? ha.

It's 90 degrees there. But, I did get a glimpse of the really nice covered deck where they are going to do the wedding. The bride was sweeping leaves while my two nephews watched. She needs to deed that broom over to one or both of them.
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