Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swimming brain

This morning's swim was divided into two sections... 1 was planning upcoming sewing projects and the second one was evaluating the wedding day schedule that my brother's new daughter in law handed out.

  • I love that she wrote it all down.

  • I love her writing/her tone/her total lack of grammatical errors and typos.

  • I love that she handed it out days early. My brother got his upon arrival Wednesday for the Saturday wedding.

  • I love that my nephew is marrying someone who owns a house!

  • I love that she's so anti-bridezilla and this is her first wedding (she's mid-30's).

  • I love what this says about her sense of self.

  • I love what this says about her relationships with family and new in-laws.

  • I love that she's having the wedding at her own house.

  • I really love that she's smart enough to invite the neighbors.

  • I love her tolerance for and kindness towards smokers.

  • I love that she was so detailed.

  • I love that she has a plan!

I'm fascinated/intrigued and slightly obsessed with this new family member. I'll likely never get to meet her but that's ok. I know she's there and has everything under control.

My whacko next door neighbor - the one who steals the masking tape and offers up goodies baked with and without cannabis - left, in the door this morning, an invitation to his wedding next Thursday. It did not not include an RSVP. It did include both of their names which I had not known before.

I think there may be a Costco run today. Maybe.
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