Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning I put a top on that I had not worn before. It's one I kind of invented. I tried it on after it was finished and the npt it in the closet. This morning I got it out to wear and there turns out to be issues. The sleeves are too short and the cuffs are too tight.  I dug through my scrap box and found some scraps from the sleeves and I just cut those cuffs right off and replaced them with a nice, wide edge that makes the top perfect.

I love making/fixing stuff. So much.

I put together a new shirt today. It's a pattern I never tried before. I made a test version out of old sheets.  Yep, the sleeves need more room - maybe an inch added to the circumference and 2 inches added to the length.  And while it fits, I like more room, if you don't mind so let's add some.  So then I made all the changes to the actual pattern and then put the test into the Goodwill bin. The neck and shoulders needed zero mods.  Cool.

I also finished up a fine pair of boot socks.  The last thing on my started-but-didn't-finish list is transferring two new patterns from tissue paper to nice stock. I've got the tissue all cut out and ironed. I'll transfer the pieces on to heavier stock for actual use (and reuse).

And then I'll be all caught up. Whew. I did take all the stuffed toys to the donation place.

Across the street is a fish place that I've been wanting to try. They have tako (octopus) for poke. So I got poke rice, seaweed and tako which would have been amazingly delicious if they hadn't cover it in chili flakes.

I do not like spicy hot in anything. Nothing. I like a rich flavor and I don't mind a VERY LIGHT sprinkling of spicy but I refuse to participate in The Hotter The Better Spice Race. If I scrape the flakes off the tako, it's not bad but that's pretty labor intensive. There's plenty left. I may or may not have it for dinner, I haven't decided.
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