Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Posting this for my Mom

I don't believe in an after life and I honestly think when you die, you just end. BUT I have been wrong from time to time about all manner of things and could be wrong about this. And maybe my Mom, who died a dozen years ago, is somehow reading this. I hope so.

She and I shared a total lack of patience with weddings. The fuss, the bother, the totally unnecessary drama, all the drama... and the requirement that everyone get all in a frenzy about it all. Wedding planners, Save the Date, wedding this, wedding that. Ugh.

The bartender at Mom's retirement place got married and everyone was in on the drama. At one point, when Mom's BFF at 'the home' died, Mom remarked that it was a cheeky way for her to avoid all that wedding crap.

Cut to my brother's 35ish year old son who is getting married for the first time this weekend in Des Moines, Iowa where he lives. My brother and his other son as well as others are all gathered for the 'do' on Saturday.

Just now, my brother sent me the day of wedding schedule written by his soon to be new daughter in law. (He scanned it with his phone,)

I know nothing about this woman. But after reading this, I know my nephew is one lucky guy. She's a keeper and I hate like the dickens that my Mom missed meeting her.
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