Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good Sense Takes a Holiday

I use this service ( to track price drops. It's a browser extension. If I'm willing to wait until the price drops, I tell it my desired price and it tells me when Amazon has it listed for that. (WARNING!! If you use this pay close attention to the seller. Cheap prices attract fraudulent sellers on Amazon. I've been caught twice so be careful.)

Anyway, a while back I set up price tracking on a dress form. I don't really even have room for a dress form. I don't really need one. But, when in the world did that ever stop me? So, yeah, the price went down and I bought one. It will be here tomorrow. I'm half hoping it won't work (won't have enough controls to size it the way it needs to be to match me) and I have to send it back. It's way more money than I need to spend on stuff I don't need. Especially staring down the nose of a big tech spend next week.

On the up side, my cash back bonuses will be handsome come holiday season!

This year, for the first time I can remember, the new TV season and the baseball season will be dovetailing nicely. Next week the new shows start and baseball ends. Usually there is more of an overlap. Like last year, while I'm looking forward to my favorites returning, there don't seem to be too many new shows I'm interested in. But between Acorn and HBO and Netflix and MeTV, I've got more watching than I can handle anyway.

I'll miss baseball but I think I have enough entertainment to carry me through to Spring training.

I have too many projects half started. I need to finish before I start more. That's today's agenda. Finish.
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