Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2.5 delightful surprises in one!

I went out for a walk and to the fabric/yarn shop up the street get something to mark on dark fleece with. Spoiler alert, what I'm using is the best thing, what I thought I wanted isn't. But, I bought fabric and a pattern.

On the way home, I crossed the street a couple of blocks from here just behind a mail truck. The really nice mail carrier who delivers to our building was getting out of the truck. I hollered 'good afternoon!' with a big smile. She turned to look at me and blinked and then smiled and said "I think I have a package for you on the truck!"

Wild because 1. We'd already had the mail delivered today and 2. I wasn't expecting anything and 3. How in the heck did she know my name?

"Susan... right?" Right! And not only that but the package was from New Zealand. My friends from Cromwell. Last year when they were here, they brought me a basket of goodies that included this amazing hand cream - Ecoya Coconut & Elderflower. I can get the hand cream on Amazon but not this particular flavor which is just delightful.

Actually, now that I remember it, the woman at the fabric shop remembered my name, too! How very flattering.
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