Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night's Mariner experience was just not great. It wasn't horrible but maybe it's just that the end of the season is always so sad and my boots hurt and everyone was just out of sorts, but it wasn't great. My boots looked great but they rubbed my feet in a couple of spots that weren't fun. The service at dinner was the worst it has ever been.

Generally, I am shown to my table and before I can put my backpack on the other chair someone shows up to ask what I want to drink. Last night no one came over at all. It was like I was totally invisible. The two tables on either side of me filled and they got waited on by the woman I over tipped last time. Finally, she spied me. And then took way too late bringing me my drink. After I had finished and was on my way out to my seat, she spied me and stopped me to ask 'are you done already? can I get you anything else?' Too little, too late, sweetheart. No tip for you.

The fun girl who sometimes sits on my right was not there and the Japanese man who took her seat was in his 50s but bounced around his seat like a 5 year old and kept bumping me. Every time a foul ball came anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, he dove down and rammed my arm. And the guy behind me decided it was his job to advise every player on what he should be doing.

At Safeco Field, the umpires have not worn blue in years. And, yet, the assholes in the stands still yell at them 'ya blind, Blue?!', 'what the hell, Blue??!' I amused myself last night with what would be the ramifications of drunk assholes yelling at them using the actual color of their uniforms. 'Hey, Black? What the hell was that?' 'You're stupid, Black!' In my imagination there were justifiable fatalities.

And, we lost again.

Oh and my Mainers coat turns out to be just a little tight in the armholes once I put it on over a sweater.

So... on my sewing list... I need to make boot socks. And fix those armholes. Both easy and I have the stuff I need to do it.

This morning I'm wearing yet another top I made a while back but haven't had a chance to wear yet. And I think I finally figured out a fix to my dilemma of tracking pattern tweaks.

Part of the problem is that I do my pattern creating/deciding/cutting out up here in the living room on the kitchen counter. And the patterns are kept in the bedroom closet (smack in the middle of the two). I do my sewing and tweaking and other decision making back in the sewing room and I'm not that good about transferring stuff back and forth.

I tried making a notebook but it's always in the room where I'm not when I want to refer to it or make a note OR I forget that there are notes when I go to cut out the next version. Sooooo

I'm going to make a note sheet for each pattern that will be clipped to the pattern itself. It will have a swatch of the fabric and a note about that shirt. Exact length of sleeves, for instance and tweaks - could be longer, neck just perfect, etc.

And I'm going to start with the stuff I've already made. Going through each one, getting the fabric scrap and putting it on to get the notes right.

I have one more Care Bear to stitch and stuff, the shirt I cut out yesterday, the coat fix, the boot socks... and all those note pages to create. It's a good thing I don't have a day job.
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