Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All ready but too early

I have my stuff ready for the pool in the morning because I will get to bed later than usual tonight after the ballgame. I have my ballgame kit (backpack) loaded and ready and I remembered to slip in an umbrella. I'm on the fence about footwear. I have some gorgeous UGG rainboots. BUT I've never worn them. It seems not smart to walk a mile there and a mile back in never worn before shoes... I'll probably chance it, tho. They are perfect for this.

There were big and credible leaks about the products Google will announce on October 4. Looks like it's going to set me back $2,250. My game plan is to hit 'buy' immediately to get into the queue and then think about it and cancel if I change my mind. Chromebook. Chromebook Pen. Phone. I need exactly NONE of these things. I can probably sell my current phone for a couple of hundred bucks. I have two premium chromebooks and one old old old one. I do not need another one. I'm a tech hoarder.
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