Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Naked sewing

I'm wearing the shirt I made yesterday. It has a box pleat in the back neck that I added in on a whim. That turns out to make the shoulders hang with a wrinkle. So this morning while I was swimming I conjured up a possible fix. When I got home, I took my shirt off and basted in the fix. I tried it on and BINGO! Perfect. So I took it off again and sewed a proper seam to replace the basting.

While sewing with my boobs hanging out, I actually thought, good thing this isn't in the living room with that webcam. It wasn't until my shirt was back on and I was back in the living room that I remembered that there's a webcam in the sewing room! DOH

So closing the barn door after the cow is out... In case anyone reading wants to catch the next one - schedule TBD -

We got a tiny little bit of rain. Just enough for me to verify that the leak in my terrace ceiling has not been touched. I first reported it on June 1. A couple of times since then, I have sent a reminder/request/plea. Nothing. Nada. We are now staring down the nose of the rainy season and I am not going to be at all surprised if that ceiling lands on the floor. I get that the HOA (Home Owners Association) has a lot on their plate but they are going to have a giant ceiling rebuild on that plate as well if they don't get this damn drain caulked. Yep, all it will take is caulk on the drain of the terrace upstairs. I had the same issue in 2013 (thankgod for email 'paper' trails). But, there is nothing I can do about any of it except send emails, which I do. My latest was yesterday and it netted the usual flurry of promises.

It's a little bit chilly today and that's wonderful. I have on long sleeves. I even have the door to the outside closed. And I think I'm going to have to go dig out some slippers to keep my toes from chillin'. And speaking of foots. My right foot which has been swollen all summer long is now mysteriously back to its normal size and has been since yesterday. I hope it stays that way. Except now the shoes I bought for it will be too big. hmmm socks? I hate socks.

Today's excitement is gas and groceries. I don't need a lot of groceries. Really just bread and milk and maybe some stuff for salad. I'm not sure what the rest of today will bring but I am sure I'll find out soon enough.
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