Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clothing construction/building construction

The other day I heard Tim Gunn being interviewed and he was talking about architecture. He spent some time in school learning to be an architect before he jumped ship (or building, I guess). He was drawing parallels between skinning the outside of the structure of a building and skinning the outside of the structure of a human. Because it was Tim Gunn I was all like, cool, that makes sense and what a great way to look at it yadda yadda.

I have now recaptured my sense and realized that his analogy is swiss cheese. In many many ways.

Those were my thoughts as I made my latest shirt today. I have made this one pattern several times but because they were all long sleeved versions, I haven't worn any of the resulting shirts. In fact, I haven't worn many of the long sleeved shirts I've made so other than just a brief try-on I'm not sure I even like the patterns that much. I need to wear them all before I make them in different fabrics.

I put on one shirt I'd never worn this morning. I see some tweaks that are needed but also some stuff that works really really well. So I pulled out the same pattern to make a tweaked version and I discovered that my note taking sucks.

There were several on the pattern. One said to increase the sleeves by 3" and one said to shorten the sleeves by 1.5" and one said to add 9" to the body. Make the back neck higher and the front neck lower WHO the hell is writing these whacky nonsensical notes on my patterns??!!

Happily they were all made in pencil so they are now all gone. This time I clipped a little piece of the fabric from today's shirt onto the pattern and added clear notes. Cut the back neck higher and the front neck lower - added an inch and a half to the bottom and cut the sleeves an inch shorter to allow for cuffs. And I added a 5" pleat to the back.

I think I like the result enough that I'm going to make a whole different pattern so I will have one that is fitted and one that is looser. Maybe. I will wear the shirt tomorrow and then decide.

But, if I were a building ... ??!!! Tim, you didn't make that work so well.

I noticed the Seahawks game was not very loud - oh, it's tied. Now it's halftime. I thought maybe they had a new sound system because I can pretty clearly hear the half time announcer but then I realized that I rarely have the door open for a game. I'm kind of impressed at the sound suppression that simple glass door provides.

My brother sent me the coolest picture. He thinks it was taken about 1995. He's nestled between his two sons. Alex, now 38, on the right is married to Jennifer now with two little girls and lives in Tauton, MA. Matt on the left is 36 and lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Matt is getting married to Cindi on Saturday. My brother is hoping to rent a burgundy colored car and recreate the photo. I so hope he's able to.

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