Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seahawks Sunday

The Seahawks have their season home opener today and the mayhem is building. I totally forgot about that when I put the a/c away yesterday. Had I remembered, I would have waited so that I could use it's droning and have the door closed and skip the noise, but, alas. It's really only horrible about an hour before and an hour after and if they lose, the hour after is about 10 minutes worth. So my plan is to be at the other end of the condo for the really loud times. No biggie. The Seahawks were here before me so they have first dibs.

I saw the most interesting movie yesterday. I am not a movie person but this one sucked me right in and I keep thinking about it. Scapegoat I watched it on Acorn TV but I see it's also on Netflix.

My cold turned out to be of the 24-hour variety. It was gone before it got going. My housecleaner had brought me some homemade chicken soup that I put in the freezer. My cold was gone before I could get the stuff defrosted. I'll take that any day.

Wow. Yesterday I ordered something from Amazon and selected slow delivery ($1 towards mp3 or ebook). I just got notice that it is arriving today! Of course, this would not happen if it was something I really really wanted fast but still... cool.

No big plans today. Sewing, baseball, knitting. Tuesday is my second to last Mariner Diamond Club game and Saturday is my last one.
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