Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Done. Summer is done. I know this because the A/C is in her closet for her winter hibernation. And Zoey has done her post pack up check.


I love that thing but I love it's being out of my sight and earshot even better. Now I need to clean the windows but I think I'm going to wait until after the rain tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the ceiling on the terrace will still leak and probably splash the window. We'll find out for sure tomorrow. There are plenty of non-sun days ahead and any one of them will be fine for window cleaning.

A critical part of my every day swim is listening to music, books or podcasts while I swim. I use a waterproofed iPod Shuffle. Until August, they were available for more than 3 different waterproofing companies. They were $125 complete with waterproofed earbuds and they carried a 2 year warranty.

In August, Apple said they were discontinuing the shuffle. As soon as I heard that, I ordered up a spare and it's sitting in my cupboard.

I was answering a question in the swimmers sub Reddit last night and needed a link to them so I went to Amazon and was pretty surprised to see that they prices have skyrocketed. They are now $150-$200 and only have a one year warranty. There is a kickstarter music gadget for swimming which I backed. It should be delivered in a month or so. I think my life of swim music has a future but wow.

OMG just got a text from my brother that his wife found their chickens' first egg!! I just think that's amazing.

Recently gracegiver mentioned enjoying Al Franken's new book so I downloaded the sample and started reading it this morning. She's not wrong. It's delightful and interesting. I can't decide if I want to listen to it or Kindle it. I'm thinking Kindle even though, for me, it's the more expensive option. The library copies have holds I'll never outlive. BUT, I've recently taken to choosing the slow shipping option on Amazon to get the $1.00 towards ebook or music. And now I have enough in the 'bank' to cover most of the cost. So. Yeah.

Oh and speaking of free/discounted shit, my health insurance has this thing where they award you points for preventative health stuff and activities. I get so many points every day for checking into LA Fitness and for swimming and for just walking around. They have a store for buying stuff with your points. I always go for 2,500 points and get a $25.00 Amazon card when I get enough. I checked last night to see that my flu shot bought me 500 points and that put me over the 2500 mark. This makes $100 in Amazon gift cards that I've gotten from this deal this year. I like it.
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