Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a ceiling fan over my bed which runs on high at night. But, last night, I woke up a couple of times and was a little chilly and, just now, sitting on the bed, I turned off the fan because it was too much.

Heaven. I love the cold but these first few hints - the first long sleeves, the quiet of no A/C, the blinds up even when the sun is out... these hints of winter to come are just so wonderful.

I sleep under the thinnest of blankets in the Summer and usually toss it off. Today it will go into the closet until next year.

It's invigorating.

But, I think I'm getting a cold. It might be a small, mild one, however. Fingers crossed. And, so far, it's not starting with a cough which is doubly good.

Yesterday? I wrote about the simulated driving test I'm going to take on the other side of town. The one bus that stops here a block from my house happens to be the one that goes there. Easy, peasy, right? Wrong. Turns out, they are changing the bus schedules and some of the routes next week. My one and only remaining bus stop/route is being deleted. Dum dum dum. Now I have to walk four blocks to the nearest pubic transportation. On the up side, the most active public transportation hub in the city is only four blocks away. But, still, they could have waited a week. Really.

Today's baseball game is at 10 am but on national TV meaning broadcasters I do not like. I may just do radio and use the recorded TV if it turns out there's something in the game I need to see.

But, first... a swim.
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