Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This year I am paying my taxes ahead of time. It's kind of like when they deduct taxes from your paycheck only I don't have a paycheck. So every 3 months they come get, in my case, $1,400. The goal is to have them collect exactly what I will owe come April. Here's hoping. I have it set up so they suck it out of my bank account automagically and today is collection day. Whap! It's gone. The next payment is January 15.


Yesterday I got asked to do a driving simulator experiment. I said heck yeah! I'm scheduled for the morning of the 27th and told to wear closed toed shoes which is curious... Happily, the test location turns out to be right on the bus line that is closest to my house which is very nice seeing as how traffic between the location and my house is miserable most all day.

Battelle Seattle Research Center is seeking drivers to participate in a driving simulator experiment at our South Lake Union location. The study will examine how people drive in an environment with advanced vehicle communication technologies. During the study, you will be asked to use a driving simulator to complete a series of routine driving scenarios and questionnaires.
Validated Parking ~ Compensation: $60 cash for 2 hours or less ~ Data kept confidential
We are looking for participants who:
● Are 18 years of age or older
● Hold a valid United States driver license
● Drive a minimum of 5,000 miles/year
● Do not get motion or sea sick easily
● Can read and complete questionnaires in English

I really should get out today and go do something. I need to walk around and not just sit on my ass. I'm getting a little concerned that my legs are going to atrophy. My arms and shoulders get a lot of work while I swim but the rest of me just glides along for the ride.

I saw a thing the other day on the proper way to get up from the floor for seniors. I cannot do it. Yesterday, I went down on my haunches to fix something and very nearly was the i'vefallenandican'tgetup lady.

I think 5-10 minutes of work every day with a little walk would do wonders. The internets are full of advice on how old people can strengthen their legs. But I can't find the motivation/time/energy to actually get off my ass to actually do it. I need to work it into my routine so that I don't even think about it. But, so far, I'm not coming up with too much inspiration.

It's cool enough out today that at least I can and think I actually will get a walk in. There's a new sandwich deli place up a little shy of a mile from here. I think I'll give that a shot for lunch.

Otherwise, not too much on the plate for today. Not to say stuff won't happen, I just don't know what it will be ... yet.
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