Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

House cleaner shenanigans

So when Amira came yesterday, I finally remembered to tell her not to bother cleaning the bathtub/shower. I shower every day at the gym. So except for a place to hang my swim suits, I never use it at all.

She said in her most wonderful Bosnian accent "oh but I must dust in there to get Zoey hair out... her hair everywhere, oh my got. oh and behind the toilet? if I no get it out, you will be drown in cat hair!"

I laughed at the idea of being drowned in cat hair all day but mainly tried to get out of my brain, the visual of Zoey taking daily showers while I'm at the pool.

But the funniest is what I discovered this morning. She loves to check the doll/animal population when she's here. She looks over who's new and ohhs and ahhs over them every time. For a couple of weeks, I've had a finished bunny sitting on a chair that is in my line of sight for a lot of the day. It looked like this.


This morning I looked up to see this.


Now I laugh every time I see it.
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