Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting things done!!

I made a shirt - that I really really like. It's a mid season shirt so it won't get too much wear but still, it's very comfy and I like it. I stole the fabric for the red trim from one of the t-shirts that Zoey likes to sleep on in the closet. There's still enough of the shirt that I don't think she'll notice.


And then, I cleaned up my hall rack and reordered my hanging closet.

I have hooks by the front door and they end up housing a mess of collected outer wear. How do people with more than one person in the house manage it??!! I'm only me and it's out of control! So I cleared off everything but 1 vest, 1 light weight jacket and 1 light weight coat.

I only have one closet for hanging stuff which is fine because I don't have that must stuff to hang but it was a mess. So I cleared it out and redistributed. In groups by type!! And, in the process, Goodwill got one shirt and one hoodie and two other pieces were marked as probably going the same way soon. Heck, just removing all the unused hangers cleared out a vast amount of real estate. Anyway now all is tidy tidy tidy.

Next up, after this entry, is the freezer.

Big News! I got an email from my mechanic at the Mercedes place.

We have no plans that I know of to drop the Smart car line @ this time. Last word I heard we were not going to get any more gas cars but they were going to electric only. Should not change our ability to service your car for the foreseeable future. Appreciate your patronage!

So my major freak out was for nothing. See? This is why I don't worry. I just don't have the skills to do it appropriately. Anyway, whew.

It's only 2 pm. I thought for sure most of the day was gone. This is excellent. I can clean out and reorg the freezer and still have time to fuck off before the game starts at 5. I am a productivity machine today!
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