Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Keurig behaved perfectly this morning. Whew. And Bridget was very delighted at her lanyard and told me that she goes in to get her new badge on Tuesday. So today's starting off much better than yesterday.

I have had a couple of whole days with no air conditioning needed which is lovely.e As I sit here now, with the a/c off and the door open at 8:15 am, it's 72 degrees in here which is perfectly acceptable. Sunday is bringing in the absolute end to Summer. After Saturday there are no days with temperatures over 70 degrees. YAHOOOOOO!!! So I think maybe Saturday, or for sure Sunday, the air conditioner will get packed up and rolled into its closet for the winter. A momentous occasion.

I'm thinking of a Costco run. I need gas and meat. BUT, I'm also thinking maybe I can hold off on that until Monday. I need to eat the stuff in my freezer or toss it.

I have been on a bread hunt recently. I got a new toaster. It is lightening fast. But it's short. And my favorite bread won't fit into it. So I branched out to find another favorite. Turns out bread, these days, is all pretty big. As they cut the calories and add visible grains (while also cutting flavor), the bread becomes very light, airy, fat and big. My speedy toaster needs 1980's bread. Pepperidge farm used to make the perfect size. Alas even their bread is too big now. I kept buying any loaf of smaller bread and they all had either the wrong taste or the wrong texture or both. I'd eat a few slices, toast a few slices and put the rest in the freezer. I need to toss all those suckers out.

So now I'm back to my favorites - Oroweat ryes - and I just cut off one end for the toaster.

My resolve for not getting the latest new Google phone is already crumbling. The announcement is on October 4. I guess my hope now is that they do not announce a new can't-do-without-it chromebook at the same time. I would love to believe that there's a limit to my frivolous spending on tech toys but I'm afraid there really isn't. My buy finger is already itchy.

I have a shirt to make today and I think I'm just going to get to it.
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