Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My brother and some folks on Reddit have pulled me off the End Of The Smart Car Ledge. As long as they can keep mine humming, I'm fine. And, the dealership has a huge fleet of Car2Go Smart Cars that they have to be operational to maintain. So I'm going to go worry about something else.

But, not the Keurig. A strong brush to the k-cup holder thingie seems to have fixed the issue. I hope. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow morning.

I got my flu shot but it was not as easy as I had planned. The pharmacy of choice kept me waiting ('sit over there' - as opposed to the far smarter 'shop around and we'll page you') After 10 minutes I went to ask them how long it would be and they asked me for my insurance card and told me to sit some more. After another 10 minutes I asked again and they said their system was down and they couldn't get to my insurance so no shot. 'you can shop if you want and we'll call you.' Er, ah, no. You have now pissed me off. I'm going to your competitor up the street and get the shop and shop there. So I did. They also kept me waiting but I did manage to get de-flued. And their candy corn was on sale so not a total loss.

But the very big news is the new pool. I got an email from the guy who will be the GM of the new Embassy Suites and who is in charge of the gym with the pool. And, he said, officially, that once they open, access to the pool will be via membership!!!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!! Of course it will probably end up be grossly expensive as opposed to my current free. But, still, options. Two blocks away. 6 floors above my favorite restaurant. I can swim off calories and then add them back double with holandaise without even leaving my neighborhood. YEAH! They should be opening at the end of the year or January-sh.

I am fascinated by this Instagram account. I have no idea what the Japanese says but who cares the photographs are enchanting. Here's three of them.

Oh and test fleece jacket was a total success. Color is wrong but everything else is perfect. Easy peasy. 3 hours work, 2 yards fleece - perfect Seattle cardigan/jacket.
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