Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It does not appear as if the Tesla came to work today. In other news, I am now a garage stalker.

I ordered 4 pairs of shoes from Zappos. None terribly expensive. My plan was to keep 1. I feel in love with 2. But one of the two felt too big. So I placed another order. This time for 4 more. And so now I have 3 new pairs of shoes and 5 pairs boxed up to go back. I'm trying to get out of Crocs but it's not easy. They are so nice and comfortable and bullet proof. It's hard to find shoes that fit when one of your feet is nearly a size larger than the other and maybe not permanently. Trials and tribulations.

So Tija got back to me with info about the pool in the new office complex two blocks over. It is going to be bigger than standard hotel size and come with a full gym. Encouraging. Oh and it's in the office building (not the hotel building).

I dug some more and uncovered the leasing agents. I popped one of them a note asking if they could point me to who owns the building or who will be managing the gym. I expected my note to instantly turn into undiscovered spam but, in fact, he answered quickly and copied two guys at American Life Incorporated and one of them replied right away that the hotel would be running the gym and gave me the name of the GM and copied him on the email!! Way to get it done, Susan!!

So I wrote to him and asked if it would be a member situation and would he please hire Tija to run it. No answer yet.

And then I designed and cut out a simple jacket. I need a very lightweight, very simple box jacket to throw on when all I want is just a little warmth - like for running car errands.

I bought some fleece online not long ago that I thought was lime green but turned out to be ice green (i.e. green tinted white). I paid next to nothing for it so no biggie but today used it to try out an idea. I got everything for my jacket cut out and I'll stitch it up tomorrow. If it works out it will be the most simple, most useful thing I've ever made. If it doesn't it still won't suck.

Now I think I'm going to go walk around the block (and check on the Tesla again). The ballgame is at 5 and I have no idea what's for dinner.
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