Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, What is something someone else has that you envy? Describe it and your feelings about it.

I remember once, years and years ago, I was between jobs and a friend of mine worked at a big company with excellent pay and excellent benefits and I really envied her job something fierce.

Actually, every time I was out of work, I envied everyone I saw who was working for pay.

But, now that I no longer need the work or the pay, I rarely have that kind of envy. I certainly to not envy people who have spouse or children or other family. I do, once in a while, envy people who have built in people to do stuff with. But, only once in a while.

I don't really envy anyone's stuff.

I really don't think I have any envy. Oh wait! I have two monitors here in the living room and they have wallpaper that changes randomly throughout the day. The wallpaper is mainly photographs pulled from various collections of pretty things, fish, weather, cities, landscapes... One pulls from Flickr and one pulls from 500PX.

I just looked up from the entry thinking about envy and spied the two random photographs now on display. I envy the weather in both!

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