Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today's coloring color is pink

The gym is scheduled to open at 5 am. This morning there were about 25 of us waiting outside at 5:15 when the first gym employee sauntered up. She had stopped to get her Starbucks so didn't have time to get there by 5. Also, she didn't have a key. And, didn't really give a shit.

I do not pay for the gym directly out of my pocket. It's included in my health insurance (old people benefit) which is the only reason I do not raise holy hell at that place every single day. It's amazing to me that all those young people paying $60 a month, every single month, put up with their crap.

But the pool was an acceptable temperature and did not look chemically unbalanced and for most of the hour I was in there was my pool alone. Once my face gets in the water, I really find it hard to worry about the idiots who mismanage that place and today was no exception. It was a lovely swim.

Today is the last hot day. It will likely get up to 80 degrees but looking at the 10 day forecast, that will not be happening again. thankyoujesus.

Today looks to be a little of this and a little of that. The Homeowners Association President sent out the security consultant's report (to the committee people) and like any true consultant, we got 25 pages of boilerplate bullshit and 5 pages of meat. Sadly, this guy did not do any meat consolidation so we have to wade through is bullshit to find out want we want to know. I'm pretty sure that none of the other committee members will bother to do more than just glance over it. So I figure it's the least I can do. I'm looking for my highlighter now...

Also tonight is the Homeowners Association meeting. The ballgame starts at 5 and the meeting at 6. TiVo, get ready.

Last night TiVo had a little seizure. It lost the network. In the early days of TiVo (I got my first one in 2000), TiVo problems were a daily headache. It literally called into HQ every day via a home telephone line. And it was excruciating slow. Never - early days or now - has it ever had any kind of decent error code translation and/or good troubleshooting. But, gradually over the past 17 years, things have gotten faster and better. Years of coaxing, yelling, screaming, trial and error have taught me a few things and I used them last night and got her up and connected and running fine last night. These days, it's very rare to have issues and having one kind of really just serves to remind me to appreciate my wonderful TiVo.

I do want to get a flu shot this week. I think maybe I'll add that to the list of errands I can do when the house cleaner comes on Wednesday.

Now I think I'll get off my ass and go clean up the breakfast dishes and get this day going.
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