Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, Who is someone you miss?

I really miss my friend, John. John was my age and died in 2004 (when he was 55) of an undisclosed hereditary disease/condition called hemochromatosis (he had a build up of iron that no one knew about - completely treatable had anyone figured it out before the autopsy).

He and I worked together at IBM in two different locations. We worked for the same guy and did a lot of traveling together for work. He had lived in Seattle in the 70's and always talked about it so fondly that when I was deciding where to go, Seattle popped into my head and here I am.

We met in Minnesota and then moved to Northern California. Neither of us knew anyone in California nor had we ever been there. So we made it our mission to discover it all and we had a great time. Then when I moved to Seattle, John was a frequent visitor. He spent every Christmas here with me for many years.

He was tall and really good looking and had a really soothing deep voice. We shared a love of food and discovery and fun. We were never intimate. And we never discussed it. I never questioned it. We each had romances of different strengths on and off but we were more like siblings with each other.

He had the driest sense of humor of anyone I ever knew. He could drop a syllable with a tone in a situation that would just send me into pee-in-your-pants hysterical laughter. We had good good times. We played a lot of gin rummy. And olympic Jeopardy. And we had adventures. He dared me to bungee jump so I did. One day we went to Victoria, BC for lunch in a float plane.

He was always there with good advice and kept me in line when I needed it.

He retired from IBM in 2004 and bought a condo in Newport Beach, CA but I think he was leaning towards spending a good part of his years in Sydney, Australia with this woman he'd fallen in with. But, he had some kind of mysterious thing going on he wanted to get fixed first. Three months later, he was dead.

I miss his laugh. I miss his fun. I miss his counsel. I just miss him. But, I am so very grateful to have had him in my life.


Here we are in Invecargill on South Island of New Zealand in 1994
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