Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot again but, hopefully, temporarily

It was at least really really pleasant and cool while waiting outside for the gym to open this morning. But then the sun came out. Oh well.

I came straight home after my swim and had some breakfast and hit the sewing room. I did laundry while I finished my latest shirt. And then I remembered that I hadn't washed the fabric.

You are supposed to wash fabric before you cut it out to sew with it. I used to never do it but it really is better to know how the fabric is going to work when it is washed. So, right now, I'm washing the rest of the fabric. My clean clothes are on the bed so that they must be folded and put away or I can't go to sleep.

I saw a top on a woman yesterday that I cannot forget and cannot remember the exact details of. I need to start taking pictures of people who's clothing details I want to remember. I'm fascinated by an odd collar or a different hem or seam or fabric placement. I rarely notice the people carrying around the fascinations but their garment architecture? Absolutely and obsessively.

I got some A4 sized paper so I can finally print out patterns that are made for non-US standard letter head. It's possible to make it work but not that easy and the A4 paper was easy and not expensive to get. Thank you, Amazon.

The ballgame will be starting shortly. And I think I'll have it with some cheese and crackers and apples.
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