Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Our local weather reporters here are, for the most part, not yet 25 year old females who, honestly, don't appear to be bright. The local channels have them reporting on the hurricane which is as far away from here as you can get and still be in mainland U.S. They have never seen a hurricane and have no clue what one is or even how to pronounce it. I just listened to the little girl on the CBS affiliate do 15 minutes on the whoreicane. They do spend a fair amount of time telling us how tragic it is.

The channel is turned. Wonder what year they made the last TV with a knob for channel selection? Turning the channel is like dialing the phone. Thankgod these kids have Wikipedia.

It's warming up in here but so far the fan is keeping it comfortable. It's cool outside. There's a small concert going on at the football stadium. It's small enough and far away enough that I can actually make out some of the music. It's a lovely background sound - the music and the crowd appreciating it.

I got a little sewing done this afternoon and then it was 3 pm and I was starving. So I had dinner! I went across the street and got one of their wonderful cheeseburgers. They used to have wonderful french fries but these today were sub wonderful. They will be way better tomorrow morning when I crisp them up and slide them under my eggs.

I just cut out a new shirt to sew up tomorrow. It's long sleeved but light weight. Good for transition and good for under other shirts. Time for baseball.

OMG I just read that Michael Friedman, a 41 year old New York theater composer and lyricist and a bright, rising star died of complications from AIDS. In fucking 2017. Why the fuck isn't there a fucking cure??!!!!!
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