Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

See my arms? No! you can't! Yeah!!!

It's noon:30 and still it's only 64 degrees out. This morning I went to my stack of long sleeved shirts and gleefully perused the selection. I found one that I made not long ago (I know because I know when I bought the fabric) but I have no recollection of making it. It's a wonderful shirt thought. I love it. (It does need a pocket, though. And I have enough scraps to add one... later today.)

The air conditioner is off and the sounds of outside are in and it's heaven.

It's so invigorating. After my swim, I drove to near the Safeway and parked and hiked off to find a brunch place I'd heard about. Found it and had a lovely and different brunch and then went back to Safeway where I found an 8 pack of bottles of 12 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper! This is exceedingly rare. Often they have 6 packs of 16 oz. Not always but often. Never the 12 oz. So I went to find the customer service guy to see if there were any more in the back. There were not but he said "how can I make this up to you? I'm happy to give you the sale price, of course (they were $2 each when you buy 4) but would you be interested in my special ordering some for you?" FUCK YES!! I also told him that if they decided to stick this, they would be the only ones in all of Seattle. "You could corner the market!" He's going to call me when they come in.

Then when I got into the car it was even raining a teeny little bit and so nice and cool, I decided to go to Ballard (the other side of town) to the JoAnne's there and see what they have in knits. I wanted to do this when they had the Labor Day sale but it was just too fucking hot. Today, however was perfect. There was some kind of something going on in the park across the street so I had to park a fair amount away but that was fine. It was a lovely walk. And I got two of the nicest JoAnne sales people to wait on me and got some fun fabric and it was just a lovely experience (which JoAnne's often is not).

Everything is better when it's cool!

I think I'll put the groceries away and go sew on a pocket.

Oh and today's pen color is red.
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