Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today is lime green

I enjoy what they call adult coloring. I have for a long time. I used to have a piece of software that made a black outline of photographs and I used to use it to make pages to color before they came out with all the cool stuff they have now.

But, these days, being retired and all, I have discovered that I just don't have any time for it. haha. Really. There's always something that needs to be knit or sewn or a computer game that needs to be played. It's just too much to dig out the pens and stuff. Plus the clutter.

I do miss it, though so I have a new plan. I bought a spiral bound calendar (2018)/notepad/coloring book. It fits nicely here on the side table or my new desk. And it has a ton of pages with room for notes and stuff that needs to be jotted down - like stitch counts for instance.

At least to start, I'm limiting myself to a 12 pack of colored pens. And the plan is to take it one pen a day. Every morning, I'll swap out yesterday's color for today's. Yesterday's was blue, today's is green. I can skip around and color in any page or doodle I want and make notes where ever. No being tied to the calendar format. I think it's going to be fun.

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