Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So, Susan... What are your most prized possessions?

I actually peeked at this question a day ago and so have been thinking about it. Plus with people evacuating their homes across the country this Fall, it's given me excellent fodder to a similar but different-ish variation.

Turns out, as much as I love my stuff. And I do love my stuff a whole lot, there's actually very little that falls into prized. When I think of prized possessions, I think of those things that, if they went away, could not be replaced.

  • My blind teddy bear, James, who is, like me, 68 years old.

  • My pencil drawing of a wild haired man that was drawn on the back of a temporary license plate by my prisoner friend, Carl (from college days)

  • There is other special non-replaceable artwork that I have and do prize.

But, basically, that's it. Everything else is either digitized and saved elsewhere (photographs) or totally, fairly easily, replaceable.


You have 30-60 minutes to leave your house maybe forever, what do you take? And I'm going to assume, it's in my Smart car that I'm leaving.

2 pairs of pants, 2 tops, coat, 1 pair of shoes, pills, inhaler, toothbrush, hair brush, purse & house cash (a stash I keep for emergencies). Catfood, litterbox, cat carrier, cat. My phone/charger, laptop/charger/a bunch of external batteries, my external hard drive that is not backed up to Google. My house papers (deed and stuff), and birth certificate.

Then if more time/room - my windows laptop/charger, one of the fleece blankets and that small pillow, a cardigan and some socks. My backup phone/charger and maybe my one good tablet/keyboard and/or my Fire tablet that has LTE with sim. And some snacks.
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