Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Smoke and ash...

I walked to the ballpark last night and home and sat in the smoke and ash air for the entire game and... lived to tell the tale. And it's not such a bad one. In general, I feel like I can't get a real good deep breath BUT that's really it. No coughing, no anything else bad. I swam just fine this morning. And the air seems to be getting better.

It's absolutely cooler. Last night at game time, it was hot and still and humid and just not good. Finally by the 9th inning, we got a little breeze and coming home, I almost wished I had a sweater. hallefuckinglooyah!

I'm so ready for cool.

At least the sun isn't out frying up the place. On the downside, with no sun, I have the shades up and can clearly see how filthy my windows are. I hate washing windows. No matter which trick I use, I always end up with smears and smudges and other problems. My housecleaner is no better at it than I am.

Also. This house is getting messy. Stuff just needs to be put away. As I sit here, I can see a half dozen things that just need to be put away and tidied up and I intend to do that first. And then we will see what happens next. I have things I'd like to get done but I'm not hard over on any of it. What happens happens. The fabric store down the street just opened their new addition yesterday, I may well just take a stroll up there and check it out.

Yesterday I learned that a woman I've watched on TV since forever is retiring and dying. And then, hours later, I see on Twitter that one of the Mariner/Root Sports reporters, who also is one of the very few women who every played professional baseball - has breast cancer. Tough news all of it.

No baseball today which is fine. Although I enjoyed being at last night's game, we lost... again. I think that loss was the final blow. We are not mathematically eliminated but very close and certainly attitudinally out of the running. In other words, NFW post season and now my October is officially free.
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