Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Turns out it was not my imagination

I was back in the sewing room which is about 25 yards from the sliding glass doors and the only access to the outdoors in my condo. I was back there sewing away and smelling smoke like bonfire smoke. The door to the hallway is right there so I went out to see if it was coming from the hallway. Nope. I figured it must be my imagination.

Then my 'imagination' started to cough. And I kept smelling it and finally I decided that whatever it was, it would be better for me and my broken lungs to be closer to the air conditioner so I shut down the sewing and moved into the living room. I had the blinds down to keep out the sun but I raised one to see if maybe the sun had moved overhead already and holy crap on a stick.

Smoke. The air is full of it. It's horrid. Way worse than what we had a couple of weeks ago. Checking the news I learn that there is also ash everywhere. It's coming from forest fires but we've had forest fires before, plenty of times. I've never seen it like this. This sucks. My air quality app says HOLY FUCK. Well, actually not. Here's what it really says:


I'm not sure I love anything more than my air conditioner right now.

So... today's plan becomes TV and knitting. Time to find out who done it - Brit style.
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