Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was dead asleep when my alarm went off this morning. But, since I was getting up to swim, I didn't mind one bit. It was totally worth it.

Last week, I got a tiny little booboo on the bottom of my foot. It kept annoying me in a hangnail way, particularly on the rug in the kitchen so I put a nice, padded, blister bandaid on it. Fixed the problem perfectly. I assumed it would come off in the pool. It didn't. Finally, I took it off today - at least a day late - and took some skin off with it so now, I have a still small but bigger booboo on the bottom of my foot.

Thanks go ... again ... to my personal AnnoyingTechProblemSolver colesdragon. This time he prompted me to really dig into removing Pinterest from my search results and I did and I found a lovely Chrome Extension (actually made by google) that now puts this on any page that, before, would have included links to Pinterest.

When you click on show, the blocked sites are listed and highlighted and you can easily unblock if you want. Sadly, it does not work for image searches but, hey, you can't have everything I guess.

I have no specific plans for this week right now - except going to the Mariner game tomorrow night. I have sewing I can do and knitting I can do and some ideas of stuff to try but nothing concrete or deadline-y. So I'll just be doing whatever the spirit calls for. The lovely life of a retiree.
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