Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

cluck cluck

The pool was crowded! And my favorite couple were there. They are a young couple who are really cute and very friendly. I was about half done when they came in and she knelt at the end of my lane and stopped me 'We have news!'... They are moving to Scotland. Day after tomorrow!! What a fun thing. I'm so delighted for them.

After my swim, I did, indeed, trek over to the Dollar Store/Popeye's corner. I got done dollaring just at 10 when Popeye's open. My thought was to have a couple of pieces there in air conditioning for breakfast and then bring some home. But, quite oddly, the restaurant part was not open. Only the drive through. So I got a bunch and headed home. And had fried chicken with Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast. It was excellent. And I have some for dinner and there will be a piece or two left for lunch tomorrow. God, I love that stuff.

My back is one big ache. It really hates how fat I am and is not over pleased at how old I am either. It was so bad while I was out that I took a couple of tylenol when I got home and it got better. Better enough for me to do some sewing.

This is the top I designed yesterday and I love how it turned out. The blue is a lightweight denim and the green is a stretch knit. I thought the neck was going to be a turtle neck but I didn't taper it correctly so I gave it a draw string instead which I actually like better!


The sewing room is too hot to do anything else. The living room is nice and cool and the baseball game is about to start.
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